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Guided by years of experience in the distribution of industry-leading card printing technologies, Digital ID provides a full spectrum of ID card printing solutions that ensure ease of use, reliability and the highest levels of security.  With an application in almost every industry, our id card printers can be used to print membership cards, loyalty cards, student ID cards, access cards, medical aid cards and much more.

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Cards are used on a daily basis for a verity of different purposes. Smart cards are used to gain access to buildings, student id cards are used to identify students, loyalty cards help you build up points and bank cards perform transactions. Using your very own ID card maker you can print on PVC cards too. Digital ID supplies a wide range of scalable id card printers that can be upgraded to support smart card encoding, lamination and security printing features fulfilling the requirements of almost any card printing application. No matter how big or small your project is we have a plastic card printer ready for the job. 


ID Card Printers

We have a wide range of PVC ID card printers that can print in HD, encode technology cards, and laminate for durability. What ever your card printing requirements may be we have a machine for you.  

ID Card Consumables

A card printer requires consumables to run and we supply ribbons, Re-transfer film, cleaning kits and lamination for a verity of different brands. HID FARGO, DATACARD and HiTi are a few noteworthy brands.

PVC Cards

From standard plastic cards for membership or club affiliates to MIFARE proximity and smart cards, including security cards for identification, or access control, we can provide any card you need at the best price. 

ID Card Accessories

We supply a wide range of ID card accessories such as lanyards, crocodile clips, card holders and card punches. Custom lanyards can also be designed and printed for projects that require personalised branding. 

Why choose Digital ID Technologies?

As platinum HID partner we can offer you the best possible price with a full range of FARGO id card printers to choose from. We also offer a fully equipped technical department and HID certified technicians ready to support you should you need any assistance with your new card printing machine, honouring all HID FARGO warranties where needed.

Simple. Reliable. Affordable.

Backed by the Genuine HID® commitment.

The next generation of enhanced HID Global FARGO® Direct-to-Card  printers are easy-to-use, reliable, and more affordable than ever, providing an even greater array of the premium features and premier support that you’ve come to expect. Our wide range of secure issuance products includes everything from plug-and-play, entry-level ID card printers to the industry’s most sophisticated printing and encoding solutions, enabling the highest levels of identity security. Now you can print unbelievably high-quality PVC ID cards and credentials when you need them, where you need them.

Are you ready to take your ID Card printer to the next level? We are ready to help you upgrade your HID FARGO card printer with all the latest smart card encoders, laminators and filed upgrades.

“Start issuing your credentials with the latest ID Card Technology”

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