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ID card Printers

Sharper, crisper images and text for any organization. Colors are vibrant. Images and text are crisp. Quality is second to none. ID cards printed on FARGO® HDP (High Definition Printing) card printers/encoders do more than protect your organization they reflect the value you place on your brand. HID FARGO HDP card printers also include a built-in Workbench™ diagnostic utility and Color Assist™ tool to help your organization better match spot colors on company logos and service marks. HID FARGO HDP reverse transfer printers are also right for organizations that demand more functionality from their ID cards. Government agencies, healthcare facilities, businesses and corporations, loyalty and membership programs, and colleges and universities are all expanding their use of multi-function smart cards. Encoding options allow configuration of FARGO HDP printers to produce highly secure contact and contactless smart cards that address your specific needs.


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HID® FARGO® High Definition Printing Solutions

Encoding options allow configuration of FARGO HDP printers to produce highly secure contact and contactless smart cards that address your specific needs. When you choose High Definition Printing technology, print quality is never sacrificed. Because precise images and text are printed onto high-definition film, instead of directly to the card, the often uneven surface of technology cards won’t compromise image quality. HDP printers can also print up to the very edge of smart chip contacts and virtually over the edge of each card so images are always sharp.

Greater card security and durability. Cards produced by high definition printing solutions are more secure and durable than other types of cards. They are inherently tamper-evident if a counterfeiter tries to peel apart the layers, the image essentially destroys itself. The cards also resist wear and tear because the printer applies a durable layer of HDP film between the card image and the outside world. For enhanced durability and security, highly versatile HDP printers also provide the ability to add a holographic overlaminate or holographic HDP film to the front of an ID card. An overlaminate on both sides doubles the protection and FARGO HDP printers laminate both sides of a card simultaneously in one efficient pass. Invest with confidence. When you buy from HID Global, you’re investing in peace of mind. With tens of thousands of FARGO HDP printer systems already installed worldwide, HID Global provides the broadest portfolio of trusted, fully interoperable and secure printing and encoding solutions today.


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